'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' Show Us How Its Temple of Time Is Lookin' These Days (SPOILER: Not Great)

I don’t know about you, but ever since Nintendo revealed Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I’ve been wondering which timeline the upcoming Wii U/ NX game will follow. Remember, when Link went into the past in Ocarina of Time, he left one timeline a burning heap of Gannondorf-ruled rubble. and made the timeline he traveled to into a happy place with unicorns and fairies. (I’m not being hyperbolic here — Zelda is a fantasy world. Unicorns and fairies are their versions of tax adjusters and those guys who sell roses on freeway exits.)

Yesterday, Nintendo dropped a hint about where Breath of the Wild may fit into the larger Zelda narrative. This video, posted on the game company’s Facebook page, shows us that time has NOT been kind to the Temple of Time:

The place has been devastated by either the elements or those robot spider monsters we saw when the game was first revealed. Whichever one did it, the erosion of the Temple of Time tells us that this game takes place after Twilight Princess, the last time we saw the Temple in its full glory. That means we’re at least not dealing with an ancient pre-Skyward Sword prequel here — the “wild” described in the title isn’t a before-everything cavemen-sort of “wild”. Link isn’t going to set all of society in motion, like he was Hyrule’s Adam and Zelda its Eve. (And I guess those weird Kokoroks would be Cain and Able?)

In any event, if Breath of the Wild is the latest story in either one of the Zelda timelines, it’s no longer stuck in the past like every other prequel! That means anything can happen — Gannondorf could win! Link could talk! Zelda could be playable! (Wait, no, sorry. Maybe not anything could happen — Zelda won’t be playable. That would be crazy.)


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