YouTube Prankster Arrested for Climbing the Hollywood Sign

Russian YouTube prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy was arrested yesterday after he climbed the world-famous Hollywood sign in order to hold up a banner that read “I’m Back”.

Zdorovetskiy wore a small camera on his head during his climb up the letter “D”, but by the time he returned to the ground, officers were already on the scene to arrest him. The Hollywood sign is closed off to the public, and has plenty of gates, warning signs, cameras, and park rangers all in place to stop civilians from climbing it. Zdorovetskiy obviously knew this and was willing to take the risk of arrest, as he has done many other times before. He’s currently out on bail but faces a $1,000 fine and potential jail time (6 months) for the trespassing.

But of course, all this news coverage is exactly why Zdorovetskiy was looking for out of his illegal climb, which is helping to send fans old and new to his YouTube channel. And according to his Twitter, Zdorovetskiy is already making good on his “I’m back” promise, dropping a new vlog to the channel today…

Are you a fan of Zdorovetskiy? What crazy stunt do you think he’ll pull next? Let us know @smosh!

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