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Yes, it’s Monday, time to go back to work. But don’t let that…

Yes, it’s Monday, time to go back to work. But don’t let that get you down. Here are six furry friends who are also hard at work today, each at their posts as station master in different train stations throughout Japanese.

Pictured from top to bottom: there’s Rabu, who works at Ashinomaki-Onsen Station, in Fukushima Prefecture, then Nitama, who works at Kishi Station in Wakayama Prefecture. Nitama took over after beloved Tama (previously featured here) passed away in 2015. Ryoma works at Shiwaguchi Station in Hiroshima Prefecture and then Hotofu, who works at Kichigahara Station in Okayama Prefecture and sometimes has shifts covered by semi-retired Kotora.

But wait, those five station masters are all cats. Who’s number 5? Meet Mocchii, the adorable white bunny rabbit who serves as station master at Miyachi Station in Yamagata Prefecture:


Head over to RocketNews24 to learn more about each of these cute, but hard working station masters.

[via RocketNews24]

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