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Y’all, This Toddler Waiting For The Beat To Drop In ‘Uptown Funk’ Is Too Adorable

We know how rough Mondays can be and while the only real remedy is a new day, sometimes a hilarious viral video can help us get through the long hours ahead.

At least, that’s how we felt when we came across an adorable toddler named Maddie who can’t help but dance like crazy when she hears the beat-drop in her favorite song. If she doesn’t cure your hazy Monday blues, we don’t know what will.

This little girl waiting for the beat to drop in her favorite song is too cute to handle.

Maddie might be the most adorable dancing toddler we have ever seen. Not only does she have some seriously killer dance moves, but she’s also very precise when it comes to timing. She listens carefully to what we can only assume is one of her favorite songs, “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars, and has her tiny fingers at the ready waiting for the beat to drop. As soon as it does, little Maddie starts grooving uncontrollably—much like we do when we hear our favorite tune. Ladies and gents, say hello to a future Dancing With The Stars coach!

Yay Maddie!

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