Woman Who Went Viral For Singing ‘Shallow’ On The Subway Appears On Ellen To Sing It Again And Slays It

It’s probably safe to say that in this age of the Internet, a star is born once every couple of minutes but for that star to keep shining and bringing joy to people all over the world for a while longer… well, that’s a rare sight. Especially since we already have so many talented singers, musicians and all kinds of entertainers. But it seems that this woman who went viral for singing “Shallow” on the subway, after being asked to finish the lyrics to it by a complete stranger, was born under a lucky star and is definitely not ready to give up her sudden fame yet. Turns out, she is a professional singer named Charlotte Awbery and she paid Ellen DeGeneres a visit to sing “Shallow” once again and, of course, she totally nailed it.

The world found out about Charlotte Awbery a few weeks ago when a video of her singing ‘Shallow’ on the subway in London started going viral

Her world turned upside down when she instantly went from a jobbing singer in pubs and bars to being a viral sensation

Charlotte even appeared on the Ellen Show to sing ‘Shallow’ again and it’s needless to say she slayed it

The original video of her singing on the subway was viewed over 60 million times now

Charlotte also gained a huge following on Instagram after the video went viral and even Ariana Grande is among her new followers!

People were overjoyed about her success

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