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Woman Shares A Honest Photo Of Her Stretch Marks With An Important Message

Getting into the world of fitness can be an intimidating prospect. Not only is there the endless jargon to contend with, but there’s an endless stream of toned, super-fit people showing off their pecs, abs and quads on Instagram. Their bulging muscles of steel are sure to make you feel utterly inadequate in comparison.

That’s where Isabella Mabey comes in. She recently joined Instagram in order to show users on the social media platform that fitness doesn’t always equal attaining physical perfection. Our bodies shift and change on depending what we’ve eaten that day, or if you’re a girl, depending on the time of the month.

I MADE IT TO 1K FOLLOWERS ❤❤ Thank you so much to everyone thats liked, commented and followed my journey so far. Genuinely just made this account out of the blue when i was bored and thought it would be fun to document it all so i wouldnt fall back into old habits. On the theme of falling back into old habits ive decided from now on stop trying to bash myself for not looking like these amazing insta accounts after gyming for only 11 weeks! So here is my real vs tensed belly. Just before taking these I had eaten my body weight in american pancakes and do i think i still look alright? Yes, yes i do. We can all look tensed and fit for a few seconds but you need to remember that even your biggest celeb/insta crushes get a swollen belly too. Love yourself all day, everyday, in every angle, lighting and position ????? #loveyourself #bodypositivity  #bodyconfidence #health #bodybuilding #weightlifting #girlsthatlift #fitnessgoals #musclegrowth #diet #mindfulness #student #dontgiveup #WomenIRL #RealSimple

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Isabella Mabey, AKA Bellafituk, has only been on Instagram for two weeks, but she’s already managed to rack up an incredible 2,500 followers. However, when Isabella posted a frank and utterly sincere post about her stretch marks – a point of contention for many women – Instagram users sat up and seriously started to pay attention.

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