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Woman Behind The Voice Of Bart Simpson Gives 13-Year-Old Boy Surprise Of His Life

It can be easy to think that animated characters have rich inner lives that exist outside of the half hour they appear on our television screens. Often, their construction is so meticulous and the attention to detail on the part of their animators so precise, that we forget that cartoons are pure artifice – a visual sleight of hand designed to fool us into believing they move and speak independently.

From the classic rubber hose designs of the silent movie era to modern digital animation from DreamWorks and Pixar, all animated characters are a carefully-crafted illusion; an ensemble effort in which each minute detail contributes to the whole.

One of the most important aspects of any animated character is the voice that gives them life. After all, what would Jake the Dog from Adventure Time be without John DiMaggio’s gruff New Jersey accent, or Peter Griffin without Seth MacFarlane’s New England drawl? Where would the entire cast of Looney Tunes have been without the incredible vocal talents of the late Mel Blanc?

One of the most influential animation programs in modern pop culture is The Simpsons, and one of its most popular characters is Bart Simpson, the 10-year-old troublemaker of the family. Nancy Cartwright has been voicing Bart Simpson since the animated family made their debut way back in 1987, but it’s likely that not many people know that it’s actually a woman who reads the dialogue for pop culture’s most rebellious kid. With that in mind, it’s hardly surprising that she’s managed to break the internet with week by giving a clueless teenager the fright of his life with an impromptu performance.

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