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Why ‘GoT’ fans think you should probably be worried for Daenerys’ dragon

(Spoilers ahead! Proceed with caution.)

During the most recent Game of Thrones episode, an unexpected battle scene suddenly threw the life expectancy of several major characters into uncertainty, causing many viewers to practically hyperventilate.

However, fans have noticed a few rather concerning details about Daenerys’ dragon, Drogon, which may not bode well for the creature’s survival.

During the last episode, Drogon was shot down when Bronn fired the ghastly-looking dragon-slaying machine created for Cersei by Qyburn (though not before Drogon effectively barbecued a significant portion of the Lannister army).

why got fans think you should probably be worried for daenerys dragon lr 2 Why GoT fans think you should probably be worried for Daenerys dragon

However, the fact that the dragon seemed to be doing just fine at the end of the episode (despite the giant spear sticking out of its shoulder) led many viewers to believe that Drogon survived the battle relatively unscathed.

After all, spears haven’t exactly been problematic for dragons in the past.

However, as one fan pointed out, there are some eerie similarities between Drogon’s wound and the fatal wound of his namesake, Khal Drogo.

If you recall, Khal Drogo was injured by a blade to the shoulder in Season One, and the wound eventually leaves him in a vegetative state. As one fan writes on the r/gameofthrones subreddit:

I loved how poetic it was that Drogon, the dragon named after Khal Drogo, was the one leading the Dothraki attack on the Lannisters. It just seems to perfect that not only was Drogon leading the attack, but he also suffered the same injury as Drogo, an attack to the shoulder (albeit, opposite shoulder).

Now, this theory could definitely be overthinking the symbolism. However, there are other possible complications to consider.

As Matt Miller reports for Cosmopolitan:

Fans have also pointed out that Qyburn has a mastery of fucked-up, mysterious technologies—including poison. It’s very possible that when creating this grand Dragon killing device for Cersei, he knew one missile wouldn’t do it. He’d need something a little more sinister—something like a poison that could kill dragons. 

This certainly casts a pall on the events in Sunday night’s episode, and has many of us rethinking whether or not dragons will actually prove to be invincible during the crescendo of the series.

And if they aren’t — what does that mean for Dany and Jon Snow’s potential victory?

What do you think?

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