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Who the hell does this Jeopardy champion think he is?


No Jeopardy contestant has been so polarizing, so enraging and possessing a name so reminiscent of an Archie comic character as Buzzy Cohen.

Usually, when a contestant has a winning-streak on Jeopardy, droves of Internet fans come out of the woodwork to cheer them on. They’re seen as an everyman (or woman), a folk hero, a phoenix rising from the ashes of obscurity to take home the big prize (and maybe a piece of Alex Trebek’s mustache, RIP).

This is not the case with Buzzy.

Buzzy, who has had an eight-day winning streak on the show, is an indie recording executive living in Los Angeles. He wears skinny ties and trendy, round glasses. He has perfectly coiffed hair that reminds you of Pete Cambell in Mad MenRead more…

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