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What could possibly be more awesome than hanging out with a…

What could possibly be more awesome than hanging out with a Border Collie? Try hanging out with 576 Border Collies. So many fluffy doggos! Yvonne McGrath, founder of the Border-Collie Owners South-Australia Facebook group, organized this phenomenal gathering at Willaston Oval, outside Adelaide in South Australia, in effort break with world record for number of Border Collies gathered in one place:

It’s an unofficial record because The Guinness Book of World Records doesn’t accept breed-specific records, but McGrath’s event still broke the previous (unofficial) record by 73 doggos. Plus they raised $6,000 (AUD) in charity donations for the SA Dog Rescue, Guardian Angel Animal Rescue, and Scruffer Lovers.

Photos by/via kaylamunro, BCOSA World Record Attempt, stanley_the_bordercollie, 3mmsy, the_adventuresof_ollie, aserett, megjessiebourne, and the adventuresofdanteandmolly respectively.

[via Bored Panda and My Modern Met]

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