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We’re ushering in Caturday with the familiar face of the…

We’re ushering in Caturday with the familiar face of the internet’s most famous cat: Maru! Today Maru is combining his love of squooshing himself into boxes with a demonstration of how extra cute he looks with different hairdos.

To refresh Maru’s look, his human took a shoe-sized box and cut a hole in it. Then, they used yarn to fashion a variety of wigs, from long braids to a blonde bob. The “hair” was then attached to interchangeable cards and placed at the end of the box. Each time there was a style change, Maru made his way back through the too-small tube and inched his way towards the hole cut out at the end. Doing so framed his face and made him look like he suddenly grew human hair.


Behold Maru and his various hairstyles:

But wait, there’s more! Maru’s human uploaded a Maru hairstyle blooper reel, which might be even more delightful:

[via My Modern Met]

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