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Welcome to Donutception. Previously we’ve seen Pizzaception,…

Welcome to Donutception. Previously we’ve seen Pizzaception, Cookieception, and even Unicornception. Now The Cinnamon Snail, New York-based purveyors of Vegan treats, has created this glorious maple raspberry-stuffed donut covered in small donuts covered that are themselves covered in even tinier donuts. 

“How do we make these special donuts you ask? A gaggle of wild unicorns stampedes through our Brooklyn culinary cloud castle at night (don’t worry, that’s totally ok with the D.O.H.), and sprinkles magical unicorn dust on regular donut flavored donuts, to cause a chain reaction, where the “teddy-bear-man” comes down from his rainbow wizard ward to transform the united states into a kingdom of happy rainbows from sea to shining sea.
So basically, the nutritional facts about these donuts are: 

Sparkle Dazzle Rainbow.

Each donut is blessed by a happy puppy wearing a little hat, before it comes down to the earth realm, suspended from a small umbrella. Finally our deco master@artisticookiesweets then spends an entire year making them prettier!”

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[via Gothamist]

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