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We realize yesterday was Alien Day, but this wriggling creature…

We realize yesterday was Alien Day, but this wriggling creature is no Sci-Fi movie prop. Today nature is stranger than science fiction. Behold the great big squirming chrysalis of the Hercules beetle (Dynastes hercules). Here’s what they look like all grown up:


Japanese insect enthusiast Hirofumi Kawano shared this amazing video of a Hercules beetle pupa wriggling in his hand along with the caption, “A lot of people think that a chrysalis does not move.”

Blake Rodgers of Nerdist shared some theories about why a chrysalis would evolve to move like this:

“Even if the video creeps you out, it’s hard to deny how captivating it is to watch and makes us wonder what sort of evolutionary benefits a moving chrysalis has. We imagine it’s got something to do with being able to flip itself over, dig itself into soil, or slowly evade predators whilst trapped in it’s armored sleeping bag.”

[via Gizmodo and Nerdist]

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