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Watch This Woman Smoke Weed 100 Different Ways In Honor Of 420

Happy 420 everybody! Those of you who choose to partake in your fair share of herbal goodies, I hope you are enjoying a very relaxed day. In honor of this special occasion, WatchCut Video wants to show the world 100 different ways to smoke your favorite green plant. Yes, 100. And you thought you were high…

WatchCut Video produced a short video of a woman smoking weed in 100 different apparatuses and it’s mind blowing.

Please do not try this at home, especially if you don’t live in Maine, Massachusetts, Colorado, Alaska, Nevada, Oregon or Washington.

From a joint to a soda can, steam roller, and even a block of cheddar cheese, this woman does it all. What a champ!

She even hit a damn BAGUETTE!

And smoked in a bear costume.

So jealous.

100 hits later and this woman is still standing. Kudos girl, I’d be horizontal.

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