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Watch This Muscle-Sized Lipoma Get Squeezed Into Next Week If You’re That Way Inclined

It can be easy to overlook, but keeping your skin clear is an important aspect of maintaining personal health. Even if you’re only suffering from a minor issue, skin problems can be impossible to ignore, not to mention embarrassing for the victim, and may even require surgery if the situation worsens.

I should know: for the last few weeks, I have been suffering from an extremely unsightly skin infection, which meant that an itchy, scabby red ring has appeared on my neck and has refused to fade despite my best efforts to expunge it. No matter how hygienic I am, no matter how many creams and antibiotics I’m prescribed, it simply won’t heal. I’m not going to lie: it’s pretty annoying.

What’s worse than having something infected on your skin, however, is having to contend with something lurking underneath. Whether it’s a cyst, spot or zit, a number of bumps found underneath our skin can, under unfortunate conditions, end up swelling and expanding until we have to contend with a grotesque lump. When you’ve got a pus-filled spot that you can’t burst yourself, then there’s only one person you can turn to: Dr Sandra Lee (aka: Dr Pimple Popper).

Since launching her official YouTube channel dedicated to dermatology, Dr Lee has managed to accrue thousands of eager subscribers who avidly watch her tackle all manner of disgusting skin aberrations with gusto. This time, Dr Pimple Popper truly met her match, in the form of a fatty lipoma so massive, it looked like a deltoid muscle, and took nearly 20 minutes to surgically extract.

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