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Watch people put together IKEA furniture while high on YouTube channel HIKEA


Assembling IKEA furniture takes time, patience, tools, and for some — a sh*t ton of recreational drugs.

A new YouTube channel, HIKEA Productions, explores what it’s like to assemble IKEA furniture while under the influence. Many couples have struggled to stay together after trying to assemble disastrously complicated, enormously elaborate IKEA furniture. HIKEA imagines what it’s like to build IKEA furniture while completely and totally high.

In the first episode of HIKEA, Giancarlo and Leslie (last names not given) take LSD and attempt to assemble a tiny cabinet. It takes close to four hours for the couple to successfully make it through. And while it’s unclear how long it would take them to do it sober, it’s far more entertaining for viewers to watch them do it while under the influence of illegal drugs. Read more…

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