Watch A Guy Cover System Of A Down’s ‘Toxicity’ Using A Tiny Drumset

Isn’t it true that any instrument can be good as long as you can play it well? Well, for this musician it’s especially true because he can play drums of any size, even the smallest ones. Miniature drums, clearly a fan of the hits from the last couple of decades, films himself playing the smallest drums we’ve have ever seen.

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Recently he gained internet’s attention for the cover of System Of A Down “Toxicity”. He plays alongside the original track and we can hear how he never fails to miss a beat while holding the toothpick-sized sticks.

While many of the commenters wondered why he chose to lay out his drumset on the cover of a toilet, the answer may be simple – the acoustics.

Can’t you hear how excellent it sounds? I guess it explains why so many of us like to sing the shower, too bad not everyone can be accompanied by a miniature drumset.

In case you didn’t notice while listening to the captivating beats, the goofy set comes with a teeny-tiny vodka bottle and a little pack of cigarettes.

Listen to the songs below

Here’s how people reacted to the video

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