Wait… That Live-Action Pokémon Movie Is Going to Be 'Detective Pikachu'?

When we talked last week about Legendary Pictures going after the rights to a live-action Pokémon movie, we assumed the eventual movie would be a lay-up — cast Tom Holland as Ash, let him go catch CGI Ekanses and sh*t, and the screenwriter goes home by five to have dinner with the fam. It would be hard to screw it up.

And yet…

In 2018, Justice Has a New Face (And It’s Super Duper Cute)

Somehow, the Pokémon movie will be based on Great Detective Pikachu, the 3DS adventure game we told you about in January. Instead of his trademark “Pika! Pika!”, Pikachu will be spitting cynical observations about the nature of man as he stakes out the motel a powerful investment banker’s wife just checked into even though she said she was going to book club with the girls.

I don’t understand how Legendary could’ve mucked up the live-action Pokémon deal so bad. We want a movie based on the world we know — they can’t open with the spin-off! Would we be so excited for Rogue One if it came out before Episode VII? Would Mega Man X have worked if the original Mega Mans hadn’t set up expectations for it to blow away? Would we have loved Joey if we hadn’t first seen Joey on Friends? (The answer to that one is no, but only because nothing can make us love Joey. [That’s right, I’m not afraid to take shots at a long-cancelled and already much-maligned sitcom spin-off. I truly am the Bad Boy of Blogging™.])


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