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Vietnamese paper artist Nguyen Hung Cuong just knocked the socks…

Vietnamese paper artist Nguyen Hung Cuong just knocked the socks off the Department of Outstanding Origami with this awesome piece entitlred “Fly High, Dreamers!” Look closely and count not one, not two, bur four individual origami creations all created from the same single sheet of paper. A human hand holds a paper crane being ridden by a tiny person holding an even tinier origami crane.

 “I created this work to show my deep gratitude to origami community,” Cuong shares. “The boy is myself, and the hand represents all origami creators who inspired me, making my dream come true.” 

It’s origami Inception and it’s currently on display at the Jaffa Museum in Tel Aviv as part of the Paper Heroes exhibition.


Visit Nguyen Hung Cuong’s Flick account to check out more of his incredible origami creations.

[via Colossal]

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