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Vienna and Zagreb-based artist collective Numen / For Use used…

Vienna and Zagreb-based artist collective Numen / For Use used humble packing tape to create site-specific interactive art installation in the Des Moines Art Center. Simply titled Tape, the installation creates translucent webbed passages stretching between the lower and upper sections of the center’s I. M. Pei gallery. Visitors are welcome to explore these passages just as long as they take off their shoes first.


Lightness and translucency of the installation are highly accentuated by radical contrast between the structure and the rough, Brutalist concrete surface and expressive geometric composition of the gallery building. Deriving from of such a dominant host, the parasite structure formed an organic representation of actual spatial flux of the building. The inhabitable structure of the installation thus followed the major trajectories of visitors movements, enabling them to move along the usual paths, only in an elevated, enclosed, surreal space of Tape.

Visit the Numen / For Use website or Facebook page to check out more of their work, including other packing tape installations created in Paris, Frankfurt, and Vienna.


[via Colossal]

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