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Unsure About The Situation In Syria? This Video Breaks It Down Perfectly

With the plethora of differing news sources that are now available at the disposable of our collective fingertips, it can be difficult and overwhelming to try and sift through the information to arrive at any sort of conclusion about which you can be confident.

Particularly in a situation as delicate and complex as that of Syria, its government and the fight against IS – there appear to be conflicting sides to the story whichever way one turns. But the more delicate and complex the issue, often the more important it is to try and gain an informed understanding of the events – after all, how can one profess their opinion on the tragic scenes that have been emerging from the country without first ensuring that they understand the landscape of the country and the problems, dating back several years, that have led to the violence we have all read about in recent weeks.

The 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, took the decision to launch an airstrike in Syria, apparently in response to the harrowing footage that came out of the country following what the United States claimed was an attack by the Assad regime on its own citizens – shocking images of people, including children, in convulsions and excruciating pain after being caught in the midst of the chemical attack – rocked the world.

Now, an excellent video from Vox has aimed to clarify the situation in Syria by tracing the ongoing conflict back its origins in 2011 right through to the present day – breaking down the situation in an accessible way.

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