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United Airlines Passenger Begins Legal Action Against The Airline After Being Forced Off Plane

As I’m sure you know by now, United Airlines are in serious hot water after a doctor was forcibly removed from flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville on April 9th. The incident occurred after cabin crew realised that the plane had been overbooked and that four passengers to be removed from the flight in order to make room for United staff being transferred to Kentucky on short notice.

An United Airline spokesman later apologised for the overbooked flight, and said police were only called after the unfortunate doctor “refused to leave the aircraft voluntarily.” Shocking videos from the incident capture security staff forcibly dragging the elderly man from his seat, causing him to smack his jaw against the adjacent armrest. He was taken off the flight unconscious and bleeding profusely from the mouth.

A clip has since emerged in which the man, who has been named as 69-year-old Dr David Dao, can be heard telling police: “I won’t go. I’m a physician I have to work tomorrow, eight o’clock.” Police refused to listen to his pleas, and proceeded to forcibly remove Dao anyway.

After video clips from the incident went viral, the airline proceeded to lose $800 million in value on the stock market as its shares plummeted. The two security officers who were involved in the incident have since been placed on administrative leave by their superiors.

Tyler Bridges, a passenger on the flight at the time of the now-infamous incident, told the Washington Post that the 69-year-old man believed he was being singled out because of his race: “He said, more or less, ‘I’m being selected because I’m Chinese,’” Tyler stated. This claim is the one being used by Dao and his legal team in their suit against United for their treatment of him.

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