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Two Girls Find Out They’re Dating The Same Guy And Plot The Ultimate Revenge

Ah, the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune of love, that can so easily turn into poisoned barbs and bitter resentment when something goes wrong, which, unfortunately, it often does.

Young love is a many splendoured thing and an important part of maturing and growing up into the responsible adults today’s youth will one day become, but I’m sure we can all recall an occasion of spurned love that, at the time, felt like the end of the world.

People make mistakes in their days of youthful folly, perhaps unaware of the damage and upset that unfaithful or else insensitive actions of those in a relationship can cause to a significant other. Often, we learn from these mistakes and whether borne out of a desire to not replicate those feelings of guilt, or otherwise by realising that such mistakes are not fair to those upon whom they are inflicted, do not repeat them.

Regrettably though, for some, a relationship is akin to a game, and a spouse’s feelings come secondary to their own desire to run amok over the relationship with a blithe disregard for the consequences.

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