Two Ex-Military Men Come Together To Create The Tool They Really Needed

Yaniv and I met back in 2000, when we joined the Israeli army for our compulsory service. We became fast friends, and one thing that brought us together is our love of the outdoors. During our service, and our time in the special forces, we spent a lot of time outside and got used to doing much with little.

We eventually left the army but our friendship grew. We would go hike together, in the Israeli desert and abroad. Our experience made us ready for anything, but also really aware of what we saw missing especially in terms of hiking equipment.

That is why in 2014 we threw ourselves into a new adventure and created our own company, Aclim8. We invented the first ever heavy-duty multi-tool. It’s not like your traditional camping Swiss-knife: it’s an axe, a hammer, a spade, a knife and a saw all-in-one. Anything a true explorer could ever need!

After 3 years in development, we finally launched our product 3 days ago. It’s called COMBAR, and you can fund it on our Kickstarter.

Join us on our adventure!

More info:

Yaniv Bar & Udi Cohen, outdoorsmen and adventurers

One light tool replacing the 5 individual ones you would normally carry

In reach

Or safe in its case

Light and convenient

Essential for the outdoors

A rugged and versatile tool for the real wilderness!

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