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Twitter Is Rolling Its Eyes So Hard Over Ivanka Trump’s New Job As ‘Assistant To The President’

Another day, another piece of news about the Trump administration that is prompting dismay from Twitter.

Yesterday, it was announced that Ivanka Trump will be assuming an official role in the current White House, acting as an unpaid federal employee and assistant to the president. Last week, Ivanka made some waves when the public learned that she would be taking an office in the West Wing (and gaining the security clearance that accompanies such a coveted workspace). This new, official title seems to be an attempt to assuage the public’s concern over Ivanka, an individual with no background in politics, hanging around the White House in an unofficial capacity with zero oversight.

Trump allies assert that this is not an act of nepotism, as Ivanka will (allegedly) not be paid for her work with the president. “She’s working for free. She’s volunteering her time and effort for the good of the country,” former Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller told CNN. “Everybody from the White House counsel to the (Department of Justice) has said that this doesn’t violate any sort of nepotism rules.”

Naturally, the internet had some thoughts about Ivanka going to work for her father at the White House.

Some Twitter users felt the need to remind everyone that this new official position directly defies Ivanka’s own promises back in November.

Other people were already snickering/incredulous over the job title itself.

Some Twitters users can’t help but laugh at the conservative spin that this position is a “victory for women.”

Others feel obligated point out that there seems to be a bit of double-standard where women in conservative politics are concerned.

But, you know what? Some people are just really happy that Ivanka is assuming such an active role in her father’s administration, and find the whole thing to be extremely heartwarming.

What do you think?


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