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Twitter Is Pulling Its Hair Out Over Ivanka Trump Getting An Office In The White House

Ivanka Trump has become increasingly involved in her father’s administration, often performing duties that many would associate with the First Lady. This nebulous and undefined role has baffled many, who feel that Ivanka’s involvement in the Trump administration is a sign of nepotism and an abuse of power.

Now, Ivanka’s role as pseudo-First Lady has reached an entirely new level, as it is reported that she will now have an office in the West Wing of the White House, where she will serve as an unofficial “advisor” to Donald Trump — complete with security clearance.

Twitter is enraged by the news, considering the fact that Ivanka’s role in the White House is, as yet, unofficial, and therefore has no template for oversight.

The public was quick to point out that it wasn’t so long ago Donald Trump dismissed claims that he was attempting to obtain security clearance for his kids.

People are, to put it lightly, peeved about the problematic “position.”

Of course, some people still feel a small twinge of pity for Ivanka and the fact that her dad has repeatedly made insinuations that he wants to sleep with her — thereby making her increased proximity to him kind of gnarly and depressing.

Ethics problems aside, the new setup seems like an especially poor PR move, as it only heightens the bizarre marriage dynamic between Ivanka and her father.

Only time will tell just how much Ivanka’s presence will affect Trump’s policies, but it seems abundantly clear that she will have an influential role in the White House, regardless of constituents’ protests and concerns. But then, what else is new?

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