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Twitter Can’t Figure Out Why TF Donald Trump Signed A Kid’s Hat And Then Threw It Into The Crowd

The White House has recently been embroiled in negative media coverage thanks to the many planning and scheduling setbacks that have occurred during the planning of this year’s Easter event. However, the beloved Easter egg roll somehow managed to go off without a hitch. Well … kinda-sorta.

On Monday, Donald Trump did his part to kick off the annual White House Easter Egg Roll — which apparently involved signing someone’s hat and then randomly throwing it into the crowd of spectators.

Trump was in the process of greeting the families in attendance when one teenager asked him to sign his “Make America Great Again” hat. Trump obliged, but then proceeded to toss the hat into the crowd, saying “Here you go, kids!”

“No!” the kid shouted as Trump happily flung the hat at someone other than its owner.

Politics aside for a moment, there are so many things to unpack here. First, why did Trump toss the hat into the crowd when he had autographed it for a particular person? Second, why say “Here you go, kids” when the hat was, in fact, only intended for one guy? And lastly, why did he say “Whose hat?” when he was clearly holding up a Sharpie?

Twitter was FULL of confusion and questions.

From another angle, it appeared that the kid in question actually managed to nab the hat, after leaping over several people — but it’s still pretty clear that Trump wasn’t throwing he hat to him.

So, what does this all this hat nonsense mean? Well, it means several things:

  1. Donald Trump’s listening skills and throwing skills are both garbage.
  2. It’s important to stay on your toes around him.
  3. Someone definitely didn’t get their Sharpie back.

It’s fine! I’m not worried about the fact that our president can’t accomplish the simple task of signing an autograph! Not worried at all!

What do you think?


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