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TSA line in Chicago is the stuff of every traveler's nightmares


In 2016, “snakes on a plane” has become “this TSA line snakes around for about 100 miles before I can get on the plane.” YouTuber Sean H. captured the terrible new reality as he entered the security line at Chicago’s Midway International Airport.

In a video that clocks in at two minutes and 16 seconds, Sean documents the painfully long TSA line that many more travelers may experience this summer. It takes him the entire length of the video to even get to the end of the queue.

TSA last month told travelers to leave extra time for airport security: Record numbers of travelers are taking to the skies, but staffing at the security agency has actually decreased in the past year. Congress might increase the budget, which would add agents to security checkpoints, but in the meantime airlines and travelers are alike are frustrated with the waitRead more…

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