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Top Seven Funniest Christmas Gifts for 2016Are you looking for a…

Top Seven Funniest Christmas Gifts for 2016

Are you looking for a funny gift? We’ve got you covered with the best funny gifts of 2016! Some funny gifts make a comment about the recipient, others are just so absurd that they make you laugh from sheer surprise.

7. World’s Smallest Underpants

These hilarious pair of tiny underpants fits perfectly on hand to cover up your unsightly and embarrassing “finger crotch.” Get a pair of Finger Feet to go along with them and you have a winning combination that will keep everyone laughing all Christmas morning.

6. Unicorn Discovery Kit

This kit has everything you need to attract a unicorn into your life! Includes detailed instructions on how to get a unicorn, a unicorn hunter ID card, an Inflatable Unicorn Horn and more. The gift recipient will be up to their armpits in unicorns!

5. Grump Socks

Every family has a grump! These socks give them an easy way to communicate days when they wake up on the wrong side of the bed. If they’re full of complaints, you can also get them a grump notebook.

4. Duck Feet Finger Puppets

Tired of your boring old hand? Turn it into a duck. These Duck Feet Finger Puppets are perfect for frolicking in puddles or just “quacking up” everyone around the Christmas tree. You can also turn your hand into a pug or cat if you prefer. 

3. Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Know a crazy cat lady? This action figure will make her almost as happy as getting another cat! Of course, if action figures aren’t her thing, you can get a whole range of crazy cat lady items from a coloring book to a lunchbox.

2. Prank Posters for Poles by Obvious Plant

Is your neighborhood too dreary? This book of hilarious signs to hang on telephone poles brings a bit magical humor as you watch your neighbors read signs about finding the squirrel that stole your bagel or an invitation to watch you do sick judo moves in the park. High Five this Sign, created by the world famous Obvious Plant, will keep you happy all year.

1. Cat Bonnet

Cats love Christmas too! This little bonnet for kitty’s noggin will have the whole house rolling. It’s Little House on the Purr-ie! Of course you could also turn your cat into a unicorn or a wizard if you prefer, it’s up to you!

Click here to see even more funny gifts!

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