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Tokyo Midtown is currently home to an awesome interactive art…

Tokyo Midtown is currently home to an awesome interactive art installation entitled Digital Vegetables. Created by the PARTY design studio, each plant in this functional garden space is rigged to trigger both lights and sounds when touched. It’s part of the city’s 2017 Design Touch festival of experimental design.

Each color and noise reflect a specific aspect of the plant, allowing the visitor to connect to the organic matter with senses that lay outside of taste or smell.

“Sounds of rubbing seeds. Sounds of touching leaves. Sounds of eating fruits,” says Digital Vegetables’ Sound Designer Ray Kunimoto. “I recorded the sounds created with actual vegetables. Then, I mixed them with the sounds of orchestra instruments on the computer to make 7 melodies.”

Visit Spoon & Tamago to learn more about this dazzling installation.

[via Colossal and Spoon & Tamago]

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