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Today we’re brunching on psychedelic smoothie bowls created…


Today we’re brunching on psychedelic smoothie bowls created self-described “Smoothie Bowl Art Enthusiast” Rachel Lorton. Each of these kaleidoscopic bowls is made using all-natural, vegan ingredients.

“I constantly get feedback from, let’s just say ‘junk-eaters,‘” she explains, “who tell me that I inspire them to eat healthy because they didn’t realize vegan food can look so good.” Ingredients like turmeric, hemp heart, pea flower, and cantaloupe offer a variety of hues, in addition to their wellness benefits. Raw beetroot, especially, is a favorite of Lorton. “I love all of its nutritional characteristics, but I enjoy how it helps muscle recovery and stamina for working out the most.”

Follow Rachel Lorton on Instagram for many more photos of bowls of vibrant deliciousness, including recipes for each, as well as making-of videos such as this:

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[via My Modern Met]

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