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Today we’re brunching on a brand new batch of awesome geometric…

Today we’re brunching on a brand new batch of awesome geometric spongecakes created by Ukranian pastry chef Dinara Kasko (previously featured here), whose baking methods prove that math can literally be delicious.

Employing algorithmic tools and complex diagramming techniques, Kasko is able to design and fabricate cakes aesthetically reminiscent of 3D graphs, geometric models, and avant-garde sculptures. In order to perfect her craft and produce a diverse collection of cakes, Kasko teams up with an eclectic range of professionals, including mathematicians, scientists, and sculptors. No matter the inspiration or collaboration, however, each of Kasko’s creations has one thing in common: her desire to “make something interesting and fresh.”

Follow Dinara Kaso on Instagram to keep up with her latest works of edible mathematical art.


Kasko also shares fascinating baking process videos on her YouTube channel:

[via My Modern Met]

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