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Today the Department of Miniature Marvels is utterly enchanted…

Today the Department of Miniature Marvels is utterly enchanted by these impossibly tiny butterflies handmade by Memphis, TN-based artist Julia Cissell.


Miniature Butterflies by Julia Cissell

The micro-fine detail of the wings of these miniature scale butterflies are formed completely by hand in Fimo brand polymer clay, and are specially coated with an iridescent film. The 2D design in the wings is actually built in with different colors of the polymer clay itself- so the design can never wear off, fade, nor flake. The 3D design in the wings is completely formed by hand as well- micro-scale ripples are carefully hand-cut with a razor across the surface of the wings, to follow the natural vein pattern in the wings of the actual butterfly it represents. Fine nylon fibers of various thicknesses make up the butterfly’s head, antennae, and legs.

Find them them in Julia’s Etsy Shop, Adore Mini

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