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Today the Department of Awesomely Good Deeds salutes the staff…

Today the Department of Awesomely Good Deeds salutes the staff at The Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica, CA. When Portland, OR resident Seth Freedland booked reservations at the hotel he included a very special request for his room: as a surprise for his girlfriend he asked that some photos of Jeff Goldblum be displayed around the room:

“When I made my reservation at the Huntley, I was asked if there was anything else they could do to make my stay more comfortable. I thought about it, and thought about what might delight the gf, and asked if they might be able to place a few framed photos of Jeff Goldblum in the room.

I wasn’t sure if it would actually happen until we got to the hotel…”

As you can see from these photos, The Huntley Hotel beautifully granted Freedland’s request and his girlfriend was, in fact, utterly delighted.


[via Uproxx]

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