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Today the Department of Awesomely Good Deeds salutes a true…

Today the Department of Awesomely Good Deeds salutes a true Caturday hero: 5-year-old Shon Griffin from Philadelphia, aka “Catman” according to his aunt Kris, who helps take care of the city’s street cats while dressed as a superhero.

Aunty Kris and her fiancée have been involved in cat rescues and fostering for many years, and had recently taken to looking after a local group they named the Kolony Kats. One cat, Bug, would just not cooperate when it came to getting shots and being neutered. “Nothing we tried worked,” Aunty Kris said. However she had noticed that her nephew Shon had formed an instant bond with the cats so she let him help out. “The cats took to him right away. Bug came right over to Shon, rubbed against his legs and allowed him to pet him.”


Shon has been Catman ever since and now he helps his aunt take care of the Kat Kolony kitties while dressed up in his favorite superhero costumes. Amazingly, these cats who are usually wary of humans if not downright unfriendly all seem drawn to Shon.

“He’d scratch their bellies and scratch their heads. It was amazing to see these cats who wouldn’t even allow us to touch them, but immediately took to him. He must have this magical effect that the cats can pick up,” Aunty Kris told The Dodo.

Head over to The Dodo to learn more about Shon the Catman and then visit the Kolony Kats Facebook page to learn more about how they’re helping Philadelphia’s street cats.


[via Bored Panda]

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