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Today the Department of Astounding Hyperrealism is struggling to…

Today the Department of Astounding Hyperrealism is struggling to believe that these incredible oil paintings by Korean artist Young-Sung Kim aren’t actually photographs. Each frog, snail, and goldfish looks so lifelike, each glistening droplet of water so real.

“Since the early 2000s, Young-Sung Kim has concentrated his exploration of life on small living creatures where they are forced to coexist with artificial objects in an economically-driven world rooted in commerce. The series explores a modern society where the lives of animals are constantly threatened and some have been driven to extinction due to the advanced development of material civilizations.”

Follow Young-Sung Kim on Facebook or Instagram to check out more of his paintings, some of which are available via the Plus One Gallery.


[via WHUDAT and Faith is Torment]

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