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Today I am thankful for Liam Hemsworth wearing nothing but a pair of microscopic, thirst trap shorts

Liam Hemsworth posts so infrequently that, occasionally, I forget he has an Instagram account. However, when he does post, that usually means that it’s something semi-important — and his latest pics are no exception.

Hemsworth shared several photos to Instagram on Sunday evening, the first of which features his fiancé, Miley Cyrus, accompanied by the simple caption “My little angel and I.”

Which is nice to see, if you’re one of the people who’s rooting for these two crazy kids to make things work and stay in love despite living in this topsy-turvy world. (*Cough* Me.)

But the real highlight came when Liam inexplicably posted photos of his truly stunning abs, on display in a pair of shorts which I can only describe as “almost nonexistent.” According to the caption, Liam was in the process of going back and forth between “ice baths” and “flexing in tiny shorts” — however, the most pressing things to note here are 1.) very little is left to the imagination, and 2.) Liam has officially inherited his patented Hemsworthian (?) body, and it is glorious.

I don’t know why he was taking ice baths, and, if we’re being honest, I don’t really care. The most important thing is that Liam was willing to offer himself as a thirst trap to all of us, and that’s a truly beautiful gesture of goodwill.

Thanks Liam, please never put your clothes back on!

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