Toblerone Just Changed Its Iconic Chocolate Shape and People are MAD

Obviously none of the head honchos at Toblerone have ever heard the old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. The chocolateers just changed the iconic shape of their bar out of the blue, giving us less chocolate for the same price. WTF?!

As you can see, the Toblerone chocolates still come in the shape of little triangles, but the gaps between the triangles are much larger — a sneaky way to make us pay the same price for less chocolate. In fact, the pure chocolate volume of two Toblerones is now roughly 10 percent less than it was before. Besides that, the great thing about Toblerones were that it was so easy to break off a singe triangle. Now, the shape is just awkward AF and clearly does not make for an easy break 🙁

Naturally, the Internet has a lot of (funny) thoughts about #TobleroneGate, because duh. It’s about chocolate.

Toblerone made a statement on the cahnge, blaming the rising cost of ingredients: “We had to make a decision between changing the shape of the bar and raising the price. We chose to change the shape to keep the product affordable for our customers, and it enables us to keep offering a great value product.” Hmmm, we smell a rat called B$$$s$$$.

What do you think of Toblerone changing it’s shape? Do not like it, but kinda get it? Let us know on Twitter @Smosh!

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