Tiny Pop Culture Drawings Inspired By Movies I’ve Recently Watched

My name is Claudia Maccechini (Claudym) and I’m an Italian artist with a penchant for illustrating pop culture icons in microdetail. There’s a world inside tiny things and this is the reason why I’m a fan of objects and subjects realized on a small scale.

I love details but very often they get overlooked because of the hasty eye of the viewer. I decided to create miniatures firstly as a passion, but also I wanted to invite people to linger on the image and really observe it. The drawings I realize are tied to pop culture: a generous theme that provides a vast range of interesting subjects for my miniatures.

My repertoire contains characters from classic movies like “Star Wars”, “Back to the Future”, “E.T.”, “The Lord of the Rings”, “Harry Potter” etc… Inspiration often comes from movies I’ve recently rewatched! Once I’ve find an image that inspires me, I start with a pencil base of the subject, sequently I use watercolours, which allow me to add some form and volume. I then move on to coloured pencils to create the final details of the miniature. It usually takes me around 6 or more hours to complete a piece.

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Rey’s Speeder

“The Little Prince” cover

Mike Wazowski

Nien Nunb

Golden Snitch



Darth Vader’s helmet

Edward Scissorhands

Admiral Gial Ackbar

Kylo Ren

Boba Fett

Delorean Time Machine


Luke Skywalker


Princess Leia

Hogwarts Sorting Hat

Darth Sidious

Wicket W. Warrick

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