This WWE Stunt Almost Killed Stone Cold Steve Austin

Growing up, like many children, I was enamoured by the world of wrestling. The WWF, as it was known back then, was home to some of the classic wrestlers like Hulk Hogan, Kane or the Undertaker, but growing up, I had two favourites. One of them was Dwayne Johnson, better known as The Rock (yes, I could smell exactly what the Rock was cooking – and it smelled delicious), but owning an equal property in my heart’s real estate was Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Of course, by the time I reached my teenage years, I’d figured out that wrestling was fake, but in my opinion, that added to the artistry and theatricality of the show. Even though the death-defying spectacles in front of me turned out to be just stunts, that doesn’t mean there weren’t dangerous in any way, and speaking in his podcast, Stone Cold Steve Austin revealed that a particular stunt almost killed the legendary wrestler.

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