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This woman’s gross and ‘nightmarish’ flight experience has people shrieking

When traveling on an airplane, we as humans generally aren’t at our best. We do things we would never do under any other circumstances, such as becoming inconsolably cranky, snoring while sitting up, or pooping uncomfortably close to a cabin full of strangers.

It’s really not a glamorous experience, this whole air travel thing.

Recently, one Twitter user discovered just how gross a flying experience could be, and felt compelled to share her trials and tribulations with the rest of the internet.

Our story begins in a deceptively happy fashion.

Blogger Jessie Char was recently on a seemingly perfect flight, sitting next to two blissfully empty seats.

However, the travel story soon took an unexpectedly dark turn.

“I was flying back home yesterday and was thrilled to discover that I was the only person seated in my row,” Char told Mashable. “It’s right up there with being upgraded to first class! I even left all the arm rests up so I could live it up on my private bench in the sky.

But all was not as it seemed.

“A few minutes in, one of the arm rests came crashing down. I looked over, figuring there was a loose hinge.”

(As you may have guessed, it was definitely not a loose hinge.)

“A few moments later, a foot slowly emerged like a lizard hatching from an egg and seeing its first light of day. Just beyond that: another foot. I leaned back close to my chair to snap a picture without being seen in between the seats.”

Yes. Jessie had to sit next to a total stranger’s bare, stinky feet — right in her personal armrest space.

And yes, it got worse.

The foot was apparently very grabby, and had a mind of its own.

Twitter was collectively horrified, and everybody was clutching their pearls.

Some people were hell-bent on revenge for such rude and oblivious behavior.

Although some people suggested Jessie turn this stinky set of lemons into lemonade.

As for Jessie, she says she attempted to get the attention of the flight attendant, but by the time the attendant arrived, “the feet (had) slowly retracted back into the abyss of row six.”

Fortunately, Jessie has pictures, so she’ll know forever that this wasn’t just a horrible dream. Although, considering how scarring the whole experience must have been, she may not even need pictures to relive the horror.

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