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This woman’s Facebook post is an excellent reminder of how you should react when a baby is crying on a plane

Flying with kids is a daunting task, particularly with children who have never flown before. Not only are you trying to keep your little one calm, but you’re trying desperate to avoid the major side-eye from your fellow passengers in the (very likely) event that your child starts crying.

It’s a stressful situation for any parent — which is why one mom felt compelled to make a Facebook post about helping other moms and dads when they have a fussy toddler on a flight.

Mother Kesha Bernard was recently flying solo from Seattle. Shortly before takeoff, she realized that there was a commotion on her plane caused by two crying children, whose mother was trying in vain to calm them. While other passengers were becoming increasingly hostile and annoyed, Bernard chose to extend a helping hand — and her actions ended up saving everyone’s ears.

Bernard posted about the experience on her Facebook page, where her story went viral, garnering over 128,00 likes and 101,000 shares.

Her Facebook caption reads:

Here I am on vacation away from my kids (who I absolutely love to death but sometimes you need a break from toddlers) and Im flying with an infant on my lap. Why? Because Im a decent human being. Listen… takes a village to raise kids ok? And as a mom of a 3 year old and 4 year old I KNOW this. And I also know that toddlers can be assholes……so first let me just tell you what happened.

I boarded my flight today at 5:45am in Seattle. Alaskan airlines flight 674 and I sat down in the middle seat. (Ughh aka the worst seat possible but its ok….its only a seat) anyway I sit down and theres some weight issues with the plane that needs to be checked out. So everyone is sitting in this full packed plane. And a baby starts crying (oh god forbid right?) Obviously im totally used to crying and whining so I tune it out. Everyone around me starts huffing and puffing and mumbling. Then……I hear 2 kids crying (holy s!#$ right?)this lady has her toddler having a full blown melt down over her seatbelt being on (toddlers are dramatic thats nothing new) No problem…..I have mom powers and totally ignore it……BUT what I CANT ignore is this.

I hear a woman complaining to this mother (thats alone with 2 crying kids) that her child need to stop kicking her seat. THEN I hear the mother say “shes 3 I cant believe you just did that” apparently the lady reached behind her and grabbed the childs leg (aka” oh hell no”) While this is happening the freaking flight attendant is just standing there…listening. Not even doing anything. And the older men beside me make remarks like “obviously her way of discipline isnt working” so I reply with “shes probably afraid to do anything…you cant do anything anymore” and they stopped talking.

Ok back to the lady in the back. 
You guys….this is a full plane….and I sat here for 15 mins waiting on someone closer to this woman to offer her help…because im surrounded by caring adults, right? (Wrong) I turn around to see people mumbling and staring at this mother with her THREE kids ALONE….A screaming toddler / crying baby/ and a very well behaved older child. (one grown ass woman was holding her hands on her ears and making the ugliest faces at this mother..lady are you freaking KIDDING ME) SO….being a decent human being I couldn’t take letting this mother drown back there….(and let me tell you she was being so freaking calm you guys….like i would have already been crying but she was doing so good) I get up out of my seat go a few rows back and go ask her if she needs help (apparently thats so hard to do) she immediately handed me her baby. (This lady was like HOLY HELL YESSSSSSSS!) So ya know I take her baby and then I have to go sit down for take off…….the crying stopped (its a miracle) so Im sitting here holding this precious baby that so happens to fall asleep (swooooon) 

My point???? Be nice and considerate. If someone needs help for God’s sake HELP THEM. Complaining and mumbling doesnt do a damn thing except make the person that needs help feel worse (words hurt )……..and back to the lady holding her ears…….GROW UP..( ..It wasnt just her hands over her ears it was more her making faces while doing it and staring in disapproval at the mother of 3) this flight should be ashamed of’re telling me Im the only ONE out of a full plane that was willing to help???? How we can ignore a human in distress beyond me. Please be kind. Please be considerate. Help one another…it makes everything easier. I promise you wont die. 

So, if crying babies are giving you grief on a plane, remind yourself that being hostile with the parent is typically not the productive solution. Maybe try offering some help instead, and see what happens. Who knows?

You may very well be rewarded with a blissfully silent flight.

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