This Woman Tried to Post a Glamorous Selfie, but Twitter Couldn't Get Over Her Messy Room

Look, we’ve all been there. We look really good and wanna take a selfie but we are surrounded by clutter. WE GO TO ANOTHER SPACE. But not the following lady. She just up and posts a damn selfie with a complete pig sty in the background. You know what? I kinda admire that no f*cks given attitude. Here’s a look at Alyssa looking great in her sparkly frock.

But this being the internet, all anyone noticed was the mess going on in the background. People went apesh*t! And the pic quickly became a game of Where’s Waldo, only with debris instead of people.

Here’s a look at some of the funniest reactions, but you really should read through the whole damn thread. It’s my favorite book of the year so far.


Now Alyssa seems to be taking it all in stride like a true badass. At first she makes the excuse that her place is under construction, but then she seems to revel in the attention. I mean why not?
She’s even started a fundraiser to help pay for her tuition:

So cute, smart and…not the neatest person. Two outta three ain’t bad!

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