This Witcher And Yennefer Cosplay Has Been Revealed As The Best One In Poland Last Weekend

Four Polish artists, two Cosplayers from the west of Poland and two photographers from Gdansk made The Witcher photo session last weekend. They did the photoshoot in one of the famous Pomeranian restaurants and stable Tabun, where they’ve found a huge horse – the perfect for 6’4” tall Geralt. Pictures were taken also in Jan Sobieski the Third’s Castle in Rzucewo and they used fortress in Gdansk for dungeon shooting. The whole session was inspired by the original game of Witcher and the latest Netflix “The Witcher” series. With no extra budget, no marketing, and no sponsors they created photographs that look like they are from a movie. The black cape for Geralt of Rivia was made by young and talented Krok Designer, the full Cosplays with makeup and armory (both – from the game and the Netflix series) were made by @belovedcosplay, who perfectly played Yennefer and @silvercos, outstanding and number one Geralt in Poland. All scenes planning and organization, posing and amazing pictures were created by Sylwia and Andrew the @foto_basnie, the best stage and cosplay photographers from northern Poland.

More info: Instagram Yennefer Cosplayer | Instagram Geralt Cosplayer | Instagram Photographer

Don’t judge me Roach…

The last thing you see is Igni

The White Wolf

Leaving Blaviken

Mysterious Lady

Small talk

Something missing

Geralt of Rivia

Yennefer of Vengerberg

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