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This Week In Bullsh*t Beauty: People Are Applying Their Makeup With Hardboiled Eggs

I know you probably think of eggs as a food (because, you know, they’re a food), but never fear — there’s now a new, wasteful way to incorporate these breakfast standbys into your beauty routine!

A few “visionaries” recently decided that blending makeup with hardboiled eggs was a cheaper and preferable alternative to purchasing a silicone makeup applicator. I can hear you shouting “REALLY??” at your computer screen right now, and I can assure you that this trend is really occurring.

I mean, I guess I understand the egg impulse to a certain extent: it certainly has a similar consistency to silicone applicators, and is far more readily available. But … I have so many reservations about this technique.

First, does it make your face smell like hardboiled eggs? Despite what beauty vloggers might have you believe, hardboiled eggs have a distinctive odor. I find it hard to believe that you could come away from a facial encounter with one of these eggs without assuming some of its … “musk.”

Second, what the hell are you supposed to do once you’re finished applying your makeup? There are only two options, and they both seem less than ideal. Either you wash off the foundation and concealer from your egg before eating it (no, thanks), or you refrigerate the egg for maybe one more use before throwing it away. The former seems entirely unappetizing, and the latter seems pretty wasteful.

Third: what are vegans supposed to do? (I don’t actually expect an answer to this query, just something fun to think about.)

While this is certainly a more environmentally friendly option (again, as long as you aren’t vegan), I think I may just stick to my personal favorite makeup applicator: my fingers. (I know, I’m a heathen.)

Please feel free to take part in this unusual trend. Just remember you’re wasting the opportunity for a perfectly good omelette.

What do you think?


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