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This Uber Passenger Screaming At Her Driver For Not Having A Charger Definitely Only Got One Star

Being an Uber driver seems like a pretty thankless job, considering the range of people you’re required to encounter on a daily basis. From drunken party girls to shady guys exuding extreme B.O., I’m sure that the driving experience is less-than-pleasant on a multitude of occasions.

Case in point: an Uber driver recently recorded an instance where he was verbally abused and threatened by a woman who was enraged because she couldn’t charge her phone in his vehicle. The woman was so upset that she literally threatened to accuse him of sexual assault.

And yes, in case you were wondering, everything IS garbage.

The video itself is so grating that it may cause you to bleed from your ears.

There’s … a lot to unpack, here. This woman’s response is a veritable rainbow of insults and overreactions.

Here are all of the tactics she attempts to use in order to charge her phone:

  • Tells the driver to call the cops. (Natch.)
  • Brings up her boyfriend, for some reason.
  • Threatens to spit in the driver’s face. (A bold promise, since she’s seated behind him??)
  • Threatens to report the driver for domestic violence.
  • Tells the driver she will “violate” him.
  • Tells him she will “violate” the car. (I don’t know if that’s physically possible?)
  • Yells that the driver hit her “in her face.” (Nope!)
  • Tells the driver she’s going to report him for “raping her.” (Because we definitely need someone lying about rape allegations in this current political climate.)
  • Tells the driver that Donald Trump will send him and his family “back to his country.”

The list goes on, but I feel like the instant Trump’s name is invoked along with the threat of deportation, the video basically reaches it’s climax. That’s the point where anyone watching goes “Ahhh, yep. There it is. Knew it had to happen sooner or later.”

Eventually, the woman leaves the vehicle (once she runs out of steam, I guess?). However, she makes sure to open and spill the contents of her drink in the backseat before doing so.

Although the driver makes some disparaging remarks about “females” that I’m not really a fan of, the video is a sobering (and infuriating) example of what Uber, Lyft and cab drivers have to endure on a daily basis, particularly when they’re from another country.


Because even if you’re a total asshole, it doesn’t mean you have to be an irresponsible asshole.

What do you think?


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