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This Totally Pure Mermaid Corgi Is Making Everybody Weep

Occasionally we are graced with something pure and beautiful, which defies explanation. Occasionally, we happen upon something that forces us to reevaluate life and our priorities.

Today, that something is a Mermaid Corgi.

And by “Mermaid Corgi,” I mean a fat little corgi wearing a fake mermaid tail and staring blissfully at the ocean.

Haiku is a corgi who lives in Chaiyaphum, Thailand with her owner and her two canine siblings. She is a very good corgi, and is the embodiment of everything serene and wonderful in this world, as you can tell from this video. 

If you’re watching the video on mute, you are making a mistake.

According to a Facebook commenter, the chipper song apparently translates to:

2 cute cute fins/
goldfish swimming in the tank, swim up, dive down/
goldfish dance around/
2 cute cute fins/
Why suddenly swim so fast/ 
Goldfishes saw larvae so they chase after it very fast/ 
Goldfish catches larvae for a clearer water …

So, yes. This is my new favorite song, now.

If you need more footage of Haiku in her glorious mermaid tail, here is a video of the regal corgi hanging out on a luxurious floaty with her canine siblings, Di Di and Sukjai.

Obviously, this is the internet, so people had to ruin this adorable video by asking indignantly how such a thing could be safe for a dog, in terms of allowing them to move. To which I will say: if you need to be told in plain terms that Haiku was not left in her mermaid tail indefinitely/thrown into the ocean and forced to swim, then THIS IS ME TELLING YOU IN PLAIN TERMS.

Just calm down and appreciate this video for what it is: a brief glimpse into the life of a very cute dog, who happens to look great in a fake mermaid tail.

For more photos of Haiku and her siblings, check out their owner’s Facebook page.

What do you think?


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