This Silent Disco Boat Party Provides A Nautical Night Out

Nights out can, after a while, become a bit repetitive. The same bar, then the same club and the same drunken walk home. But if you’re looking for something a bit different, there is an alternative. You can now enjoy a new kind of night out: a nautical jaunt down a winding river with a futuristic twist. You might have heard of silent discos before and you might have heard of boat parties. But a silent disco boat party?

Silent Sounds is a silent disco on board the The Dutch Master, a two-storey party boat complete with bars and dance floors which will take you on a scenic tour of the River Thames in London. There are three DJs playing and you can change the channel you’re listening to – be it R’n’B, EDM or cheesy classics – while your headphones light up the corresponding colour.

I was excited to experience it, but the nautical side of it was a bit worrying. I’d seen Titanic too many times, and with almost 300 other people joining me on board, I was worried about having to fight for a life raft. Still, the opportunity to cruise down the river with the lights of the city glittering on the water as I passed by famous London landmarks was too good to pass up.

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