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This Sexy Muppet Boudoir Photoshoot Might Make You Feel Some Confusing Feelings

Would Sesame Street approve?

Not all fictional characters are meant to be sexy, but these fan favorite puppets’ new look is creating quite a viral stir.

Rachel is a cosplayer who takes breathtaking photos in some downright incredible costumes.

Her newest cosplay? Sexy Yip Yips.

You know, from Sesame Street!

Rachel (AKA Flaming-Goddess Cosplay) decided to do a Yip Yip boudoir photoshoot and posted the pictures on Facebook for her fans.

Needless to say, people loved it.

The caption on the gallery reads:

“Say hello to the sultriest affirmative alien from Sesame Street, Boudoir YipYip! I finally finished this cosplay and wore it at Katsucon and had a blast. Then, a friend asked if anyone was interested in a boudoiresque shoot when he was in town, and I couldn’t help myself. I had a ton of fun (thank you Jon for putting up with me), although there were red fuzzies EVERYWHERE! Hope you guys enjoy my first and only boudoir shoot!”

How’d she put the clever cosplay together? Rachel told Buzzfeed “The costume consists of some incredibly fuzzy red fabric from JoAnn Fabrics, black semi-opaque fabric for the mouth, styrofoam balls, pipe cleaners, a sponge, and a beanie. I pretty much just followed this tutorial and the entire process took maybe an hour and a half.”

The photoshoot is as sexy as it is hilarious. Her initial Facebook post has amassed over 10,000 likes and 27,000 shares.

The reaction to Rachel’s gallery might lead to more Sesame Street cosplay down the road. “I think after doing this at Katsu I convinced some friends to some other Yip Yips with me.”

So this won’t be last we hear of Sexy YipYips? We can only dream.

What do you think?


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