This Scientist Says The '5 Second Rule' Is (Mostly) True

Since we were kids, we’ve all instinctively known that food that’s been dropped on the floor is (usually) safe to eat as long as you pick it up within five seconds (aka “the five second rule). And now, science has proven it!


Professor Anthony Hilton from Aston University, who has been studying the safety of food dropped on the floor, said, “Eating food that has spent a few moments on the floor can never be entirely risk-free. Obviously, food covered in visible dirt shouldn’t be eaten, but as long as it’s not obviously contaminated, the science shows that food is unlikely to have picked up harmful bacteria from a few seconds spent on an indoor floor. That is not to say that germs can’t transfer from the floor to the food. Our research has shown that the nature of the floor surface, the type of food dropped on the floor, and the length of time it spends on the floor can all have an impact on the number that can transfer.”

Basically this proves that our instincts for these types of things is usually correct. Like, it’s pretty obvious to most of us past the age of four that we shouldn’t eat food covered in dirt, and that food dropped on the floor of our kitchen for a moment that has no visible marks on it is probably not going to give us a horrible bacterial disease (especially if the food isn’t covered in sauce that can soak up germs so easily. If you drop a slice of pizza sauce-down, you’re probably not gonna eat it. But if you drop the pizza crust down, chances are you’re brushing it off and putting it in your mouth). Conclusion — our instincts = science! (Except not really.)

Have you always followed the five second rule, or has this new scientific proof opened your eyes to a whole new world of drunkenly eating burritos you’ve dropped on the floor of your kitchen?! Let us know on Twitter @Smosh!

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